Two Blues Juniors encourage all rugby players from U10’s through to U17’s to participate in the representative (Reps) rugby program. The first Rep trials for all players are generally held just before the start of the season, normally in late March. Rep teams are not selected at these trials alone but over a number of games and trials. Most Rep teams will be close to being finalised by mid May. State Championships are held on the June long weekend.

Players are expected to attend all the trails and where possible these will be held either one evening during the week or some time on a weekend. Availability to play over the June long weekend is mandatory for all players selected to play rep rugby for Two Blue Juniors.

To be eligible to play rep rugby for Two Blues Juniors you must be registered with one of the 8 Two Blues Juniors clubs and play a minimum of 4 club games before the June long weekend. Failure to comply with either of these rules will disqualify a player from participating in the rep finals. Dispensation may be given by the competition organisers for players who are unable to play 4 games due to injury or other reason.

Other districts may also ask Two Blues Juniors players to participate in their district rep team. While Two Blues Juniors understands the desire to play rep rugby they do not encourage players to participate with other districts. Before considering playing, there are a number of criteria which the player and district have to abide by to be eligible to play for another district, not least of which, a play MUST make themselves available to be selected for aTwo Blues Juniors rep team before dispensation may be granted. The granting of dispensation can only be authorised by the Two Blues Juniors Rep committee member.

Expression of Interest

Two Blues Juniors Expressions of Interest for coaches, Managers and Players  are to be compiled on the EOI form located HERE and any questions please

Expressions of Interest will be reviewed by our selection committee and you will be notified of the outcome.